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Amenities 設施

Accommodations and Facilities 宿舍和設施


Health and Wellness 健康與保健

Personal care (ie. Medication assistance, bathing or meal assistance) is provided by Health Care Aides employed by an external agency after assessment of your needs by the Home Care Case Coordinator from Alberta Health Services.   For more information, please visit the following websites:

個人護理(例如: 藥物, 洗澡或膳食需要額外幫助) 由亞省衞生服務機構評估需求後, 由外部機構僱用的醫療保健助理提供。


Home Care | Alberta Health Services

CBI Health | Rehabilitation & Home Health Services

Doctor and Patient

Our Staff and Services 我們的工作人員和服務


There are not only 24-hour staff on duty but also a complete security system at the Edmonton Chinese Seniors Lodge. In addition, residents can also apply for personal care services and there will be many volunteers participating during holidays and summer vacations.

不僅有24小時值班人員,還有完善的安保系統。此外,居民還可以申請個人護理服務, 假期和暑假期間會有很多志願者參與。

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